Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Marvel Comics Spoiled Their Own Character's Death

Marvel was worried about big and shocking death getting they went and spoiled it themselves. They told Entertainment Weekly all about it and the various comic sites reported it too. I'm going to spoil it, but the comic doesn't come out for like 2 weeks so it would be hard to avoid the reveal anyways. You see, it seemed Mary Jane was going to be killed off but instead a character who has barely interacted with Peter Parker is going to die in his book and not her own. Yes, Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel is soon-to-be-dead. What?

First of all, I don't get why they're killing Kamala Khan off in a random issue of a Spider-Man book. Secondly, the optics for this are just bad. She's one of a handful of Muslim superheroes in the Marvel Universe, a popular female character, and the character is featured heavily in the upcoming, 'The Marvels," movie. Could this be a weird swerve where it is revealed Kamala was a mutant instead of an Inhuman and gets resurrected because the X-Men have been doing that lately (she already is hinted at being a mutant in the MCU even if the origin varies in comics)? If Marvel is going to kill her off only to bring her right back that cheapens the, "Impact," of this death, however, and is even more irritating.

This just seems like a bad idea no matter what happens. I have zero clue what exactly Marvel was thinking and honestly think they're spoiling the death well in advance to work on doing damage control. It doesn't make sense, looks bad, and most likely will be undone shortly. It's strange and kinda lame, pure and simple.

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