Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Fan Expo Saint Louis is Canceled, Possibly Forever

Fan Expo Saint Louis was most likely not happening in 2023, by all accounts. Some people said it might return, so it was unclear. However, it has been confirmed the show is 100% done here. I'd say I'm sad, but I don't want to lie. I said last year I had zero desire to return for a future Fan Expo because it wasn't fun. The whole show felt more like a thing where you paid to get in and then waited in line, paid for a celebrity to sign something, and then went on your way. When the show was Wizard World there were at least comics, toys, collectibles, and the like. Fan Expo just lacked much of any spark--and I got to go as press without paying the insane entry fees (parking was still costly though)!

I guess Fan Expo Saint Louis didn't make enough money to feel it was worth coming back. That, or lacked enough vendors willing to pay for tables (I heard the tables were costly). Perhaps it was an issue booking celebrities? I honestly do not know why Fan Expo is gone (presumably for the foreseeable future). I will say I do have fond memories of the show before the rebranding and when it was Wizard World. At least I'll always have Kato Kaelin. He was funny and kind enough to sign a comic he was featured in for me--for free no less. Fan Expo in its current incarnation, however, is dead to me...and I guess Saint Louis too.

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