Thursday, May 4, 2023

It's Star Wars Day and Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo

Today is May 4th or, "May the fourth be with you," as some say because it's an unofficial-ish Star Wars Day! I add that, "ish," because it started out more as a jokey pun on, "May the force be with you." Now, big corporations have gotten involved in celebrating/profiting from the holiday because if there is a dollar to be made somebody's gonna try and make it. Speaking of holidays that have grown into a big corporate money-maker, Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow too! It is a day in honor of when Mexico won a big battle against France in the 1800s and by all accounts I've read online, is actually a bigger holiday in America than Mexico because--hey, an excuse to binge drink! Even if both days are used more as an excuse to buy stuff or drink they still are fun little holidays. Watch a Star Wars flick/show today and celebrate Cinco De Mayo safely tomorrow, I say. Oh, and as a post in the near future will discuss, something big occurs on May 6th too--especially if you like free comics--but more on that later on.

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