Thursday, May 11, 2023

Wow, "Redfall," is Really Bad

The internet has been discussing just awful, "Redfall," is. At this point, you almost feel guilty talking about the game being sucky as the developers share how they've witnessed even industry peers mocking them. That said, we need to talk about, "Redfall." It's a game about a town overtaken by vampires and it is so bad. The gameplay is bland, the enemies have horrific AI, and it is ugly. I mean, these are the kind of graphics you'd witness on an Xbox 360/PS3 and still remark, "This doesn't look good." Everything is blocky, hideous, and the fire effects made me outright laugh at how atrocious they were. 

This entire thing feels like a misfire. I honestly didn't play much of, "Redfall," so you can call my review unfair if you want to claim the game gets better hours upon hours in. That said, I feel horrible for anyone who actually spent $70 on this and I am glad I could just sample, "Redfall," with Game Pass and then quickly uninstall it once the low quality was apparent.

1 out of 5 Stars.

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