Saturday, May 20, 2023

Disney is Shutting Down Their Star Wars Hotel

The Galatic Starcruiser has been open at Disney World for about a year and a half. It's been known as a costly hotel that runs you about 4 grand for two days if you're a couple, and even more funds if you've got a bigger group. People who shelled out the dough got meals and explored a themed area full of Disney cast members pretending to be in the world of Star Wars. Picture, "Westworld," without the sex or robots (human actors instead) and you are halfway there. When it was first announced I wondered if this would be a massive hit with a long waitlist despite the price. I guess not enough people loved Star Wars and had tons of expendable income because the Galactic Starcruiser is shutting down in September.

Perhaps if Disney tweaks the hotel into more of a, "Ride," or an area guests can explore to see sights themed for Star Wars without having to pay for lodging that might work. People would probably pay a decent sum for a fancy dinner and show follow by them being able to go to a different and cheaper hotel. By all accounts, this was a purely business decision and unrelated to Disney's other big announcement about how they wouldn't be building a billion-dollar complex due to Florida's governor (DeSantis) being a jerk toward them. Clearly Disney is doing a lot of tweaks and changes.

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