Saturday, May 13, 2023

Saint Louis' Mochi Donut Factory is Yummy!

I had the chance to try the Mochi Donut Factory on a couple of occasions recently and was really impressed by how tasty it was. What is a mochi donut? Well, "The combination of tapioca flour & glutinous rice flour creates a stretchy and chewy consistency unlike any other..." Plus, the various flavors at Mochi Donut Factory from churro, to black sesame, to chocolate are all fantastic. I honestly just like getting the donuts plain even and enjoying them that way--but the various flavors are rad for sure.

If you find yourself in the Ellisville region of Saint Louis County you really should try the Mochi Donut Factory. They're located at 16023 Manchester Road and are extremely scrumptious. Plus, they just started selling bubble tea too. That is a treat as well! Check out their Facebook page for more updates and I'll see ya there!

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