Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Al Ewing to Bring Us, "Immortal Thor," With Some Fantastic Collaborators

I talked about some annoying news from Marvel already today, so let's touch upon something good! Al Ewing was the writer on, "Immortal Hulk," and it was one of the best runs on the character ever. Ewing is well aware that now planning to launch, "Immortal Thor," with such a title will result in certain expectations. He is eager to give us something that will hopefully be incredible. Even if it is a different style of tale than, "Immortal Hulk," it will have some thematic similarities, Ewing indicates. 

Ewing has a stellar team with him as Alex Ross will be back doing covers as he did with, "Immortal Hulk," and Martín Cóccolo shall provide interior artwork with Matt Wilson on colors. Ewing wants to do something even better than, "Immortal Hulk," and I honestly think he is a talented enough guy with a great enough team that he could pull it off. The first issue comes out in August (with a bit of a bridge issue in July, apparently) so we shall see!

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