Thursday, May 25, 2023

Sony is Working on a New Handheld, but it's Not Quite What You'd Expect

Sony and PlayStation havedone handheld consoles before. We had the PSP, Vita and so forth. Despite some quality games those handhelds mostly struggled to take off against Nintendo and its popular handheld devices (as has always been the case since the Gameboy versus Game Gear, Lynx, and so forth). When Nintendo gave us the surreal blend of home console and portable device in the form of the Switch they only further established their market dominance, with the Steam Deck being the only thing to even come vaguely close as a powerful handheld gaming tool. Well, Sony ain't totally finished yet, with something called Project Q on the horizon.

Sony's Project Q looks like a Nintendo Switch with a Dualshock controller attached in place of the usual parts. It is not an utterly independent console as it essentially streams your PlayStation 5 games from the console to your device via Remote Play and Wi-Fi. You can't only have a Project Q to play games, it is more an extension of your PS5 that draws from it as opposed to some kind of device that uses a cloud and has its own fancy hardware. It's a companion to the PS5 that'll let you play it anywhere with the handheld tech, in other words. I don't think it is a terrible idea but it doesn't really get my heart aflutter. The internet's reaction has been mixed overall upon hearing about this device. Perhaps as we near its tentative release date of possibly as soon as this November more details will become apparent. Right now I'd say Project Q sounds like more of an interesting idea with some uses than any kind of must-buy addition to a gaming setup.

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