Friday, July 22, 2022

Beyonce's New Song, "Break My Soul," is a Rare Misstep

I like Beyonce. I enjoy a lot of her music from the old, "Destiny's Child," hits to her newer jams. That said, her latest tune, "Break My Soul," is getting all this positive press and I feel like just a handful of people and myself are here thinking it just sounds kind of lame. The whole thing sounds like it is a big rip-off of 1980s/90s house music with a bit of record scratching and DJ shouting. The first time I heard the beat and old-school piano riffs I thought I was listening to something from decades ago. Now, she can say it is an homage to house music as opposed to stealing wholesale, but if you're honoring something you usually ought to contribute something new too, and this does very little of that. The lyrics are just drab and uninspiring. 

Where's the Beyonce of, "Single Ladies," "Formation," or, "Crazy in Love," on this track where the attempt at poetic words are bland when I want intriguing? Give me some humorous, "Drunk in Love," or intense, "Irreplaceable," as opposed to this generic dance tune lacking in much of any insight! Am I expecting too much from Beyonce considering her impressive discography? Perhaps, but let's not act like, "Break My Soul," is some masterpiece when it sounds more like an afterthought of a B-side.

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