Friday, July 8, 2022

CGC to add QR Codes for Easier Access to Grading Information


CGC and CBCS are always competing against one another for better or worse. One adds a feature and the other does it, one raises prices and the other sees how they can get away with it too. In a move that apparently CBCS had done but now CGC will be doing too, their graded comics and magazines will have QR codes. These QR codes will provide a link to grader notes and other information about the comic/magazine, provided for free (this is nice as grader notes used to be behind a paywall in the old days). I myself have never found QR codes that useful, but this is a clever way to utilize them and I am interested to see how this impacts the whole CGC versus CBCS debate everyone always has. Oh yeah, and PGX exists too. They still struggle to gain respect in the marketplace though so c'mon, it is more of a two-horse race. 

Anyways, comics that were slabbed before this new addition can still have information gathered about them by folks going to and typing in the certification number, so this isn't just a benefit for new comics, thankfully. I am pleased with this new development and hope CGC (and CBCS) keep innovating.

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