Saturday, August 7, 2021

"Y: The Last Man," Trailer Thoughts

A friend said they were curious what I thought of the trailer for the new Hulu show, "Y: The Last Man," so I figured I'd share some scattered thoughts. First, here is the trailer:

Now, in handy bullet-point form, my thoughts:

  • I'm honestly amazed this is getting made. "Y: The Last Man," was in development Hell for years. I feel like was going to be a movie, then a show, it kept failing to get off the ground, and finally we actually have something filmed and with a definitive release date (September 13th).
  • The first thing I noticed, that song is perfect for this trailer. James Brown's tune, "This is a Man's World," fits the funny-yet-horrifying theme to a T with its little edits to sound a bit more abrasive and scary. Whoever thought to use that is clever.
  • We have the usual post-apocalypse-trappings with the twist being it is all the cisgender men who died--except one! We've got Yorrick with his monkey, Agent 355, and more familiar characters popping up.
  • I get a mix of, 'The Walking Dead," meets, "I am Legend," vibes from this trailer, and not in a bad way even though I failed to get into, "The Walking Dead," as a comic or television show. Society, as we know it, has ended, but life is trying to continue as best it can.
  • I am curious how closely the show will hew to the comic and if it'll focus more on the mystery of how Yorrick survived or put that on a back-burner and have the plot be more about, "Where do we go from here?"
  • I'm overall optimistic about this show. Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra made a great comic and this adaptation looks like it will--just maybe--live up to the hype of the long, long wait.
Now we just wait for September 13th and then proceed to binge this show or watch an episode a week, I'm not sure which format Hulu is doing for this show.

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