Friday, August 27, 2021

Time is Almost Up to Back the, "Night of the Living Tapes," on Kickstarter


As someone who loves older horror flicks, I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for the original, "Night of the Living Dead." Many people who are fans of the movie know that it had an error in its copyright that made it unenforceable, so tons of copies were made by various entities, making, "Night of the Living Dead," the most widely distributed film in the history of motion pictures. Hence, "Geoff Turner has meticulously cataloged video box art, promotional materials, and distribution details gathered from collectors around the globe, to assemble, 'Night of the Living Tapes,' the definitive compendium of the home video history of, 'Night of the Living Dead,' as authorized and approved by Image Ten, Inc., the film's creators." The book, "Night of the Living Tapes," looks really cool and you can back it on Kickstarter--but be quick, just over a day is left to do so.

If you back at a higher level you can even get a limited Kickstarter edition VHS of the 4k restored film, produced by the great tape-makers over at Witter entertainment and Broke Horror Fan. I know I want to the book for sure and if I count up my pennies and have enough I may go for the tape. Give the Kickstarter campaign a look and back it if you find it as interesting as I do!

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