Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"Sludgy," #3 is a Hilarious and Strange Comic

I will sometimes get contacted by comic creators who ask if I'd like to check out and possibly review their work. About a week ago that happened when Robb Mirsky reached out to me and inquired if I wanted to look at his site and possibly have a comic mailed to me for the purposes of review. I looked at his work and found it had a style a bit reminiscent of the classic underground comix thanks to the mixture of looking detailed-yet-a-bit-surreal, having a hint of whimsy, and containing a healthy dose of mischievous humor. His stuff looked good, in other words.

Robb sent me a copy of the third issue of, "Sludgy," which says on the cover how it is, "The Cutest Horror Comic You've Ever Seen!" He wrote to not worry that it was the third issue as each one is self-contained. I loved reading the stories in, "Sludgy," as they were hilarious and had a nice dark edge. The introduction of the comic explains that Sludgys are kind beings who are born from toxic waste and like to try and clean up nature, chill with animals, and be friends with humans even if they are literally a humanoid manifestation of toxic waste. Sludgys can't really be hurt, either. 

This leads to a hilarious misunderstanding in the first story within the comic where some mobsters trying to bury a, "Deadbeat," who I assume owed them money find themselves confronted by a friendly Sludgy. They react very violently to no success and it is pretty funny seeing the innocent and well-meaning sludgy be chased after by two pissed-off mafia types. There are other stories too, such as a running gag with a mosquito that ingests the same toxic waste that creates Sludgys getting up to trouble and Sludgys having more misunderstandings with humans, such as the mail truck short pictured above.

There is indeed something innately horrifying about a, "Living," piece of toxic waste trying to help others but just being so literally toxic it results in lots of problems. Robb's fantastic illustration gets across just how gross-yet-cute these Sludgys are and he fulls the comic with a lot of visual gags that work perfectly thanks to his skill at drawing. I'd recommend checking out Robb's work on his website and I rate, "Sludgy," #3 a fantastic...
5 out of 5 stars.

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