Monday, July 22, 2019

Summarizing the Stuff at CCI/SDCC I Found Interesting

Come and Gone
Comic-Con International AKA San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, leaving in its wake a bunch of exclusive stuff being sold at a big markup (people love those Lego mini-figs) and an assortment of announcements to mull over. A lot clearly happened, and I found some of it interesting. Here, in handy bullet-point form, is some stuff I thought was neat:
  • My mentioning of Jeffrey Wright also reminds me that HBO was at the con, showing off more of the upcoming third season of, "Westworld," which is of course a show I love despite its tics, and they also revealed more about that new take on, "Watchmen," which looks weirdly interesting.
  • Image has a new series, "Undiscovered Country," on the way that sounds interesting with its discussion of a United States that walls itself off from the World for decades due to a pandemic.
  • Jonathan Hickman and friends revealed a whole new X-Men line including his, "Dawn of X," book featuring mutants in space. It is Hickman, so I'm gonna read it.
  • Tom King will be making another one of his usually-great maxi-series, this time about Adam Strange. His work is either amazing or terrible, but I think this sounds pretty solid.
  • The Russo Brothers (the directors of recent, "Avengers," movies) are going to be making adaptations of previously minimally-known but now soon-to-be-popular properties, "Grimjack," and, "Battle of the Planets."
It was clearly a big show, and lots more happened, but that was all the stuff that immediately comes to my mind as having an opinion about. Now the city of San Diego has a whole year to clean-up the mess left behind before doing it all again.

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