Sunday, July 7, 2019

"Sobek," by James Stokoe is Amazing--Like all of His Work

James Stokoe is an amazing artist, with an intricate and detailed style that makes simply reading any page he has illustrated a pleasurable process where your eyes absorb pure beauty. I was intrigued when I saw he would have a comic title, "Sobek," within the cool quarterly comic-collection that comes out from, "Shortbox," and was doubly excited when, "Sobek," could be ordered individually as opposed to part of the whole box (handy if you're watching your funds). The comic is both written and illustrated by Stokoe, and is a fantastic read. It is a story about the gigantic Crocodile God, Sobek, and what he gets up to when his worshipers come with news of another God's followers (Set) taking-over a nearby city.

The writing is clever, with Sobek's acolytes speaking to him with great reverence and fear, while meanwhile Sobek is actually a really chill dude. Much of the comic simply follows him making his way to the city where he will confront Set and how the journey involves swimming, snacking, and taking ample naps in the sun. When Sobek finally confronts Set he doesn't even seem angry or annoyed, just tells Set to please leave and then smacks him around until Set takes-off. Meanwhile, everyone around Sobek talks to him with dramatic and appreciative flair, while Sobek just keeps things laid-back.

My main reason for wanting to read the book was of course the artwork (the writing is stellar, but I adore Stokoe's drawing), and it astounds. Sobek is massive and imposing-looking but has a kind and relaxed face that imparts he is a friendly fellow. His journey to confront set shows us an amazing and gorgeous variety of landscapes. The, onnce he and Set do fight it is kinetic and otherwise incredible. Stokoe is a master of the comic-book art-form and, "Sobek," serves as another stupendous example of his exemplary abilities.
5 out of 5 stars.

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