Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hot Comics Revue: Lucky Seven

They Say Seven is Lucky
It is time for the seventh edition of my occasional segment discussing the hot comics out on the shelves. I always have got to give props to my friends at Comics Heating Up for the idea to do this piece, and I refer everyone to them for discussion of upcoming books to speculate on (I'm just talking about ones that are already out). They say the number seven is lucky, and I suppose if you got some of these books before they got hot you're a pretty charmed guy/gal, right? With that said, let's examine a comic that is steadily warming-up, two red-hot books, and one with some steamy potential.

A Comic That is Warming-Up
Avengers #196
The first full appearance of Taskmaster (he has a cameo at the end of #195) and his first cover appearance. This book has always been notable for fans of ol' Tasky, whom I admit to having a soft-spot for when he's written-well. However, the book is getting warmer thanks to increased rumors he will be playing a role in some form in the, "Black Widow," movie that near as everyone can tell is a prequel due to how things go for Natasha in, "Endgame," which doesn't finish the movie in the best condition. Copies have been seeing an uptick in value as supposed on-set photos of a potential Taskmaster outfit (before it has all the post-production features) have leaked. Also, there are rumors the finished costume may skew closer to his, "Ultimate," style, which has helped bump-up sales of, "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man," #26 as well. Even if his look is a bit more like that iteration however the first-ever appearance of Taskmaster will most likely be the hotter book, and as of now it shows plenty of signs that it'll keep getting warmer. I have one I actually got pressed and sent to CGC, so in my opinion the book is worth grabbing!

Two Red-Hot Titles
Marvel Comics Presents #6
Released last week this title has gone absolutely nuclear thanks to it featuring the appearance of a new character who is ostensibly Wolverine's daughter (the internet has said she is named Rien). Within seven days the book is trending for anywhere from $50-$60 easily, and if bundled with issue #5 that has a cameo appearance of her (a $20 book on its own) sales are nearing $90 with ease. Whether Rien becomes an established and popular character (like X-23) or fizzles out as some of Wolverine's other relatives have remains to be seen, but for now this book is worth grabbing and flipping!

The Walking Dead #193
Yesterday I wrote about how this is the surprise conclusion to the series and as nobody knew it was coming the book had less-than-massive orders you'd expect should folk had known the end was coming. Right now sales are hovering in the $30-$40 range and could increase some or eventually settle down if there is a long wait for any (presumed) follow-up series which would result in reduced interest most likely--often when a series ends demand dies down.

A Book With Steamy Potential
Thor #337
The first appearance of Beta Ray Bill, a space-alien who surprised many readers when thanks to how spiffy a guy he was Thor's hammer could be picked-up by him. Already a pretty hot book, more and more rumors keep circulating about him having a role in, "Guardians of the Galaxy 3," although as that movie is still a ways off and it is unclear how large or small a part he could have in the flick, this book is smoldering with potential to get really hot, or just keep its general solid popularity thanks to the famous Korbinite having a cult-following.

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