Monday, July 15, 2019

News, Links, and General Nonsense for Mid-July

Sweltering and Storming

It's the middle of July and when it isn't raining here in Saint Louis it is hot as Hell. I suggest we try to take our mind off the downpours alternating with heat via some quality news and links.

Stuff to Absorb Into Your Mind
I was so excited for the new season of, "Big Brother," and then we got a cast full of absolutely awful people who are borderline-racists (or outright racists) bullies, and otherwise terrible. It is bad, everyone, really bad.

Speaking of racists who engage in bullying, Donald Trump is at it again, saying women who are members of minorities should, "Go back where they came from," which he can do because as Anne Branigin of The Root observes, "Because He Means It and Because He Knows He Can Win on It."

I'm always a sucker for alternate-Universe comic stories that imagine changes to popular characters or events ("What If," and, "Elseworlds," are my jam). Therefore, this new, "Dark Multiverse," line of comics from DC that introduces depressing results to assorted notable moments in history sounds fun (in a dreary way, at least).

A comic book about porn about that isn't porn but which features sci-fi astronauts having sex with space-aliens and filming it in order to fund their research? It has Tim Seeley as a co-scripter (I love a lot of his work) and is titled, "Money Shot," too? Okay, I'm all-in on this for sure.

Rob Zombie's films can vary widely in quality, and while I was mostly indifferent to, "House of 1000 Corpses," I found, "The Devil's Rejects," to be excellent in its surreal Quentin Tarantino-meets-Tobe Hooper vibe. How good the final movie of the trilogy, "3 From Hell," will be on that spectrum remains to be seen, but at least any scenes with Sid Haig are bound to be good.

As this article makes it clear, be very wary of men who claim to love, "Logic," or only think with logic. They tend to actually be highly emotional and irrational alt-right idiots who refuse to actually listen to reason.
Rock Paper Shotgun has a piece exploring why so many old games are coming back with sequels or remakes, delving into the power of nostalgia, something I've often talked about here on the blog too.

I'm a fan of Trevor Von Eeden's artwork and enjoy being friends with him on Facebook where he often muses on everything from the process of creating comics, to politics and everything else. This interview he did with The Comics Journal is a good read.

Lastly, Comic-Con International/San Diego Comic-Con is this week, so there will be lots of news, exclusive goodies for sale, and general increased buzz in the realm of popular-culture. If anyone is going there do please have a fun (and safe) time!

Stay Cool/Dry and Motivated
As the rest of July wears on I encourage everyone to try and stay cool as well as dry between the heat-waves and rainstorms. Also, remember that no matter what the World throws at you just remember you've come this far in life already, so you've got the rest of this month, year, and general upcoming future!

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