Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mini-Run Review: Floppy Cop #1-#3

I've been reading some of the quality books from Source Point Press off-and-on for some time now, they have put out a number of quality reads with, "Achilles Inc." being one recent release I enjoyed. Another I wanted to spotlight with a mini-run review thanks to it being just plain clever and hilarious is, "Floppy Cop." Written by Dan Dougherty and illustrated by Seth Damoose, it follows an assortment of zany police officers (including one who seems to lack certain bones and just flops around) as they try to solve a series of crimes linked by mysterious crossword puzzles.

It can be really hard to be funny in comparison to being dramatic, sad, or shocking. I struggle to think of too many comic-books that have made me laugh out loud, but "Floppy Cop," succeeded in doing so multiple times. Whether it was the discussion of dirty crossword clues, or one officer attacked by the mysterious crossword criminal having a coma-dream about pretzels in soap-opera situations. Yes, I was cracking-up a lot. I attribute my laughter to Dougherty's expert writing and Damoose's stellar illustrations. Damoose draws everything in a manner that is realistic but makes the odd moments stand-out even more--e.g. Floppy Cop and his surreal body.

These three initial issues of, "Floppy Cop," were a treat to read. With the wonderful art, fun plot, and hilarious jokes I can't wait for more issues to come-out. I eagerly rate these first three issues 5 out of 5 stars.

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