Friday, September 7, 2018

Fortnite's New, "The Getaway," Mode Reminds Me How Much I Suck at Teamwork

I've discussed, "Fortnite," and my affinity for the game before. I enjoy playing it on my PS4, running around trying to accomplish various fun, "Challenges," and seeing if I can survive against 99 other players to be the sole survivor. The way it is consistently updated with new map additions, weaponry, and other fun doo-dads keeps things fresh. At some points limited-time modes will occur. There was the, "Thanos," event that was moderately fun, and now, "The Getaway," has started. Not to be confused with the underrated Playstation 2 game of the same name, this mode involves teams of 4 players competing against one another to get a jewel in the shape of a llama (llamas are a running-joke in the game) and get it to a floating getaway van. This mode results in the need for lots of teamwork as teams of players try to expertly surround the jewel, extract it, and make their way to the van to float off. If you don't have a good squad you' will lose very quickly, and this mode has shown how much I suck at teamwork in "Fortnite."

Perhaps I should have seen this coming. I rarely play the regular, 'Squad," mode and when I do the epic 50 vs 50 game mode that allows you to also have a squad of 4 players to stick with in addition to the mega-team I choose to not do that, just kind-of working with the other 49 players around me as we wage war against the other team. I don't like using my headset much with, "Fortnite," because so often my teammates are either children who ask me a ton of random questions--"Do you stream on Youtube? You sound old, are you a Dad?"--or wannabe pro-players who scream at me for making the slightest error. Therefore, when you play a mode like, "The Getaway," which benefits from a team carefully working in unison to get the jewel and escape before anyone else stops them, I clearly am not a good choice for any squad.
A screenshot from a match played by someone much better than me, they have the jeweled llama!
It's a shame I'm so bad at, "The Getaway," mode that just started in, "Fortnite," as it is fun to watch people play who can work together well. Maybe if it sticks around for a couple weeks I can try it off-and-on when able and see if I can find a team of players I really get along with and find myself actually enjoying speaking with over a microphone. As it is now though, I'd say I'm better-off hiding-out in Solo mode where the only person I can trust is myself, and the closest you'll come to, "Teamwork," is someone picking-off a character running after you...right before they then snipe you out of the game.

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