Saturday, September 8, 2018

I Had Great Fun at my Cousin's Wedding Today!

Brenna and Josh entering for the reception after the wedding!
I attended the wedding of my cousin, Brenna, to her now-husband, Josh, today. It took place in Huntsville, Alabama, where they met, and it was a great time. We were in a cool big event hall at the EarlyWorks Museum. When we arrived were entered through the children's museum area and our son, Clarkson, had fun playing with the stuffed dogs in an exhibit about various famous pooches. We then were seated  in the event-space and the wedding began.

It was a lovely ceremony that talked about the importance of a couple being there for each other, featured a poem on love by the writer Rumi, and featured them exchanging sweet vows as well. After the ceremony everyone was given bubbles to blow as the wedding party walked by, which looked really pretty. There was a cocktail hour with some tasty appetizers too. Dinner was delicious with an assortment of foods from chicken tenders, to shrimp & grits, and vegetarian options. The wedding cake was a tasty almond flavor with coconut too, and they cut the cake with a replica of Link's Master Sword from, "Legend of Zelda!"
A photo of our photos!
One other thing that really impressed me was the photo booth done by the company, "Sigh Photo Booth." Run by the company's President, Sean Sigh, who was there at the event too in order to assist with everything, it was rad. I've been to a number of wedding that usually have some kind of photo-booth and this was by far the most impressive one I'd ever seen. As opposed to your usual makeshift looking ones this was really cool. It was like a mini inflatable room, or as my wife put it, "This looks like an upside-down bounce-house!" It also would change colors, which was neat. Within it there was a cool big screen that told you where to look and took the pictures, that then printed. There was also a big-screen by the booth doing a slide-show of all the photos people had taken! I'd encourage anyone in the Huntsville region to use them and if Sigh would ever be willing to rent a booth out for us for at an event in Saint Louis I'd for sure get one!

Samii, Clarkson, and I had a wonderful time at the wedding of Brenna and Josh today! Between the heart-touching ceremony, tasty food, exciting music, and awesome photo booth it was a fun event and we were so happy to be there for my cousin's special day. We also found Huntsville really neat too and hope to maybe take a trip here again sometime to explore the sights. All-in-all a great day.

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