Monday, September 3, 2018

Summarizing Social Media Websites

Meeting Folk on the Web
There are a lot of social media options these days. I decided I would summarize a chunk of them for fun. I probably missed many, but this by no means a complete list so much as a discussing some of the most popular (that support English, I know very little about other ones).

Socializing Via a Screen
It was cool once, now all the grown-ups use it and it gets blamed for altering the outcome of elections.

Find strangers online to scream at in little bursts of text about their ignorance!

It is like Facebook, but without advertisements and boobs are allowed. Also, nobody uses it.

Meet people online then join them in groups for events in real-life. Seriously, the real-world! Crazy, eh?

Yes, it still exists, weird, huh?

Complain about restaurants and find friends who hate the same places you do.

The slogan should be, “We’ve got weird memes and so much fetish porn.”

Wait, this has a social networking feature? Weird.

Twitter alternative that would be cool if it weren’t incredibly unfriendly to new users with its complicated way of functioning.

A moderately disorganized forum that varies between cesspool-content and pleasant groups.

Perfect for watching videos by your favorite minor celebrities/“Influencers,” and leaving insulting comments.

The social network for people into BDSM and fetishes. Either this site existing is a Godsend for you to find like-minded individuals or if you’re more vanilla in the bedroom (which is fine too!) and you want to stay far, far away.

The best choice if you like crafting, cooking, and attempting to be productive whilst ignoring you’ve killed 2 hours pinning stuff and not making anything.

No. Just, no.

The social network website for trying to find employment, and being harassed constantly to buy a, "Premium," option.

I miss Vine. RIP.

Look at pictures of your friends and famous people on vacations you can’t afford wearing clothes you also are lacking the funds to purchase.

Still the #1 choice for when they say, “Send nudes,” or you want to make your face look all funny with a filter.

All the things Google succeeded at and its Achilles' heel was a social network people care about. Too bad.

Post your photography, drawings, poetry, etc. Marvel at how amazing or terrible your stuff is in comparison to other people’s works.

Find random stuff that might interest you and leave comments about how much you love or hate what was recommended. Rinse and repeat.

Watch people play games, tell them how good they are at it/how much they suck.

Too Many Choices
There are so many social media options trying to be on too many of them is a ticket to driving yourself up the wall. My recommendation is to just the handful you especially enjoy and avoid the ones that stress you out as opposed to being fun.

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