Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Today Show Thoughts in Regards to Matt Lauer

Okay, so Tuesday night I became horribly ill with food poisoning. It wasn't pretty and I thank my wife for all her help as that was the sickest I've been in awhile. Needless to say I was still in bed much of Wednesday and therefore did not get to do what I usually engage in everyday--enjoy my morning with the Today Show.

Dear God, did I pick quite a day to miss the program.

My phone lit-up with the news a bit later in the day that Matt Lauer had been let-go from the Today Show due to sexual misconduct claims. I am of course an aficionado of the Today Show, but was never that big a fan of Lauer. I think the only person currently there I disliked more than him would be Megyn Kelly. That said, it at first made me sad to see someone who has been on the Today Show for so long leaving, especially under these terms. Then again, it sounds like Lauer was a real sleazeball so good riddance. I watched the Rockerfeller Center Tree Lighting event this evening which usually features Today Show anchors and it was telling that Lester Holt (of the Nightly News) just happened to stop by for the first time ever to join the Lauer-less Al, Hoda, and Savannah. I swear, if it turns out Al Roker has been up to anything unsavory then that will be truly heartbreaking.

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