Sunday, November 5, 2017

My 2nd Time at the Toyman Show Was Stellar!

I previously posted about my first-ever time at the Toyman show put on by Chris, "Toyman," McQuillen. I was able to attend the next one that occurred today and had just as much fun (if not more fun) than last time! There were just as many quality vendors as before such as STL Comics and numerous toy-merchants, plus of course everything from plush dolls to video-games and Hot Wheels. Also, Funko Pops, so many Funko Pops!

I arrived early and it should be noted that for a small extra fee folk can head in at 8AM instead of 9AM (Early-Bird is what it is called). I would for sure recommend to anyone who is big on getting the prime pick of stuff to take advantage of this as it gets really busy once 9AM rolls around and it is nice to have a quiet hour to check all the stuff for sale and mull-over what you might want. I didn't buy as much this time, but got a few fun odds and ends such as this stellar-looking Pennywise Funko which has him with a balloon and was exclusive to Hot Topic back when the movie, "It," came out:
I also got some assorted comics and enjoyed seeing the guests at the show--Paul T. Taylor (Pinhead in the latest upcoming, "Hellraiser," movie) and Santiago Cirilo who played, "Julio," on the fourth season of, "The Walking Dead," and as I understand it did not have a happy end for his character. The show was awesome as always and assuming I am able to attend I for sure would love to go to the next event on December 10th at the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton. For more information visit the website for the show and I'll see you there!

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