Saturday, July 16, 2016

Greg Rucka Vs Frank Cho Vs Me Being Tired of This Faux-Censorship Nonsense

The controversy-starter
In case you haven't heard despite the big fuss it has caused across the internet, Frank Cho was doing variant covers for Wonder Woman, Greg Rucka didn't like them, and Frank Cho quit and is now crying-out about, "censorship." It's to the point that right-wing-bullshit-slinging website Breitbart have stepped into the fray to decry the, "Censorship," of it all. I put that word in quotation marks as people often misunderstand what censorship truly is. If you aren't in prison for writing something, you basically haven't been censored, to give the frankest definition. If you are hired to make artwork by a company that owns a character, find that someone at the company doesn't like the artwork, and as a result you quit in a huff, that isn't censorship. No, that is a work disagreement that you get so mad about you dramatically yell, "See ya!" and storm away. Greg Rucka has stayed pretty quiet about all this, but Cho has shared his thoughts off-and-on.

I know the question you've doubtlessly been asking during all of this, "Okay, I see all the fuss being caused, but what does David Bitterbaum think of all this? I really gotta know!" Well I'm going to tell you, as bluntly as possible, how I feel: I honestly don't fucking care anymore.
A sketch done by Cho to be ornery in the past.
I've shared my feelings about Frank Cho in the past, but at this point I am aware that if you hire Cho for art you should know what to expect. Also, if DC gave Greg Rucka complete creative control over, "Wonder Woman," so he would come back to the company (I recall him leaving DC with some anger awhile ago) then he has control. Should this control result in him not liking what was made when DC hired Frank Cho then that's that. Either DC should have realized this could happen, Rucka should have been more relaxed about Cho's art, or Cho should have been less upset when Rucka expressed concern about the imagery--or maybe a mixture of all of that. I'm really not concerned though, because I'm just tired of this nonsense.

Seriously everyone, this isn't censorship, this is business. DC is more concerned with keeping Greg Rucka happy than Frank Cho, so when Rucka said, "Nah," to Cho's variant covers, DC realized there was more money to be made in having Rucka be pleased, so now Cho is just fuming to anyone who will listen to his tale of woe. People are making a bigger fuss out of this than they need to, because no fuss really needs to be made. I don't care if we have sexy Wonder Woman covers, but Greg Rucka was against it, DC backed him on it, Frank Cho left the gig as this upset him, and here we are. Now Cho can go back to doing his, "Funny," sketch covers, Ruck can write Wonder Woman, and I'm now done discussing this non-issue.

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