Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Oh Yeah, Comic-Con International/SDCC is this Week

I remember when it was just a weekend thing, and then when Thursday was the, "Preview Night," but now it seems like Comic-Con International, or as it is better known, San Diego Comic-Con, starts Wednesday-ish and within a few years will probably just run a whole week. That's oddly amusing to me. Anyhow, considering that I'm a huge comic-nerd it is funny to think I honestly forgot CCI/SDCC was happening. I was reminded when all that Marvel stuff that was supposed to lead-up to the show leaked, but then promptly forgot again until I was looking at comic-news and saw the show mentioned.

Perhaps because it seems like comic-companies announce nearly everything before the show (or at other conventions) I don't find myself giving as much thought to CCI/SDCC. Plus, this convention has grown so absurdly big and bloated that--as many have been protesting for years--it isn't about comics so much as it is general popular culture. There is still plenty of comic-book goodness there, I imagine, but the fact it is an over-priced, over-crowded madhouse makes me go, "Eh..I'd rather go visit the big convention in New York," as I've mentioned before on the blog. I mean, I love all popular culture, but this show just seems like too much for me (I say, as if I've ever had the opportunity or offer to go). Still, I'll follow any news of note that comes out of the show and discuss whatever is worth talking about.

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