Monday, July 11, 2011

New Thoughts On The DC 52 In September--Will Try The First Issue

There are the DC books that you may not be sure are worth getting an arc of, but you're willing to try the first issue. These are the ones I'll give a shot for various reasons.
Aquaman #1
An Aquaman story. Hm. It was good in Brightest Day--although I'm not sure how much this will even be tying in to that. Ivan Reis is illustrating and he is a really good artist so as long as Geoff Johns has a pretty good script this might be worth reading.

Batwing #1
The solicit for this does not inspire much hope. The Batman of Africa? So he just goes around an entire continent? I don't know, for some reason I feel it deserves a chance, however little.

Captain Atom #1
J.T. Krul should make this a deal-breaker with some of his sub-par work, but I really have enjoyed reading about Captain Atom in various comics, so I've got to give this a chance on the slimmest of hopes it actually turns out to be good and written well.

Green Lantern #1
I initially thought I would just get the series, but now I'm just sort of getting burned out on Green Lantern with all the comics. I'll give this one a chance to show its worth reading, but Geoff Johns really needs to impress--like "Sinestro Corps Wars" level of good.

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #1
Jeff Lemire is apparently doing a good job with this character in the Flashpoint mini, so why not give the ongoing set in the regular and new DC Universe a shot?

Justice League International #1
At first I thought I wanted this, then the more I hear about writer Dan Jurgens not being that great, and looking over some of his stuff, the more I hesitate about this series even though Generation Lost was cool during Brightest Day

Mr. Terrific #1
The solicit is absurd, but I still kind of like Mr. Terrific and am curious what a comic about him would be like.

Stormwatch #1
I was pumped, then I read about how this comes out of Superman #1 even thought it releases before that issue (odd) and that just sounded sloppy. Plus, I just feel less and less excited for this. The only reason I'm even bothering with it is Paul Cornell is writing, and he generally writes stuff really, really well (current Doomslayer stuff on Action Comics notwithstanding).

Swamp Thing #1
If it's just an homage to Alan Moore I'm out. If I want an Alan Moore Swamp Thing I'll just read the ones he wrote. If this is a new and creative use of the character however, then I'll eagerly read this series. As it is Scott Snyder I am hoping we are going to get the latter.

Wonder Woman #1
Azzarello writing Wonder Woman? That's at least worth checking out.

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