Monday, July 18, 2011

RIP Borders

Annnnnd there go the last of the Borders bookstores. Seriously though, I was sad when the ones in my area closed during their first round of trying to stave off complete destruction, but it seems in the end liquidation awaited the company when various business deals fell through and no other bidders for the company could be found. 399 or so remaining stores will be shuttered and 10,700 employees approximately will now be unemployed in an already troubled economy. Barnes and Noble is still doing okay I think (if they didn't have the Nook who knows what trouble they would be in) and independent bookstores might see an uptick in sales, but I will miss having Borders around. It is sad, and I wish the best to everyone who is being negatively affected by the closing economically or in terms of no longer having a job--may you find employment again soon.

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