Friday, July 29, 2011

What The Future Holds For The Blog AKA Changes In August

Alright, so a status update on the blog. I'm going to be moving to St Louis in late August for graduate school and that process of moving and adjusting to a new place will probably result in a period of time where posting gets sporadic or nonexistent. I will try and build up some posts to fill in the time but as I said August might be a light month for posts. Once classes start who knows how much time I will have so that could affect posting too as currently I do Americorps here in NY and that is a very different schedule than when I start up classes at my new location. I hope to still post pretty regularly, but if I could get some more writers for the site (always looking for more!) that would be great so I don't have to worry about big gaps in posting periods when I get busier during the year.

Also, I'm thinking of adjusting the design slightly to make the page load a bit quicker for slower connections, or just faster in general. Cutting out some of the images, moving things around, etc. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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