Monday, July 11, 2011

New Thoughts On The DC 52 In September--Must Buy

What are those books DC has coming out in September that you've just got to purchase? I dunno, it depends on your taste. I'll tell you what ones I've gotta have though!

Action Comics #1
Grant Morrison, writing Superman, in continuity. I have to own this book.

Animal Man #1
I love Animal Man when he is done well, and Jeff Lemire can be an amazing writer. This could potentially be incredible and it is the book I am most hopeful for to be great.

Batman #1
Scott Snyder has done such a great job on Detective Comics DC is putting him on the main Batman book, and it should be really awesome assuming Snyder can write a Bruce Wayne Batman as well as a Dick Grayson one.

Batwoman #1
JH Williams III does amazing art and this book will finally be coming out. Yes!

DC Universe Presents #1
I like to call this "D-CUP" as someone on the internet pointed out it can be pronounced. Anyways, the first arc has Deadman and he is really cool so I'm going to at least get it for that segment.

Grifter #1
People said a Grifter book would suck in the DC Universe, then they heard it has Cafu on art, and they learned about the pitch about how he is going around killing aliens just like it were ROM Spaceknight and now all of the sudden everyone is on board and I can say I was already excited for this before all ya'll haters suddenly changed your mind.

Justice League #1
This is probably going to be the biggest seller of all the books along with Action Comics. Just hope Jim Lee gets the art in on time.

Justice League Dark #1
Peter Milligan can really write well sometimes. Apparently Hellblazer and Shade the Changing Man are two characters he excels at. They are on this new team of odd characters. Deadman is there too and I really liked Boston Brand in Brightest Day. This book sounds weird and intriguing enough to be worth getting.

Resurrection Man #1
 I thought it sounded cool when I first heard about it and wanted the first issue. Then I learned Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning  were writing it and just how cool this character could be and now I just want to put the series in general on my pull-list.

I'm so pumped for these titles!

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