Thursday, June 2, 2022

Bill Jemas Founds, "Be Good Studios," and Leaves AWA

I was just talking about Joe Quesada leaving Marvel and now it is time to discuss good ol' Bill Jemas. He's always up to something. Whether he's working at Marvel, attempting to launch a storytelling universe for Double Take out of an old zombie flick (those honestly weren't bad comics), or creating AWA with another former Marvel employee, Axel Alonso. It seems Jemas is ready to move on again, leaving AWA to found Be Good Studios. This break may not be as cordial as Quesada's with Marvel, as Jemas seems to throw some shade at AWA in a press statement about how Be Good Studios will be an, "...entertainment business owned and operated by the artists, writers, and artisans who show and tell the stories and work for the business." 

Apparently, this new business will involve NFTs  (everyone knows I am not fond of those) and Web 3--whatever that actually is. Seeing Jemas get involved with these buzzword concepts gives me pause, but when Bill Jemas is doing something it is bound to make waves even if I'm not the target audience for it. I've previously said, "Bill Jemas is a man who seems to either achieve incredible success or astounding failure. No matter how things go they are always interesting, and he always has plans." This latest news further illustrates that and I wish Jemas the best in his newest venture.

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