Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bill Jemas Always Has Interesting Plans

Bill Jemas is an interesting man. He did a lot for Marvel in the early 2000s to save the company, later on launched a fascinating comic-universe for the video-game publisher Double Take that ended up sadly dying a nasty death due to corporate infighting, and then someone gave him a lot of money to recruit other folks with comic knowledge and AWA was formed. In a tragic twist, almost right after the week after AWA started releasing comics (the ones I read are pretty fun) Diamond shut down comic distribution. That hasn't stopped Jemas and AWA, however. While some publishers are dramatically scaling-back ideas for titles to publish, Jemas is a man who always has plans. They are trying to hire those with skills in journalism and nonfiction writing for undisclosed projects (e.g. comics that aren't announced yet).

Bill Jemas is a man who seems to either achieve incredible success or astounding failure. No matter how things go they are always interesting, and he always has plans. I'm quite interested in seeing what he does next. Plus, I'm a journalist and have a pitch for a vaguely autobiographical comic focused on a shlubby blogger who ends up solving mysteries such as, "Who finished the almond milk?" Hire me for a project, Bill, you (most likely) won't regret it!

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