Thursday, April 30, 2020

SCOUT Comics to Offer Direct-to-Retailer Shipping

Some small-sized publishers are offering direct-to-retailer shipping of their wares, which tends to be a lot more popular than what DC tried to do (using competition retailers as distributors too). With this in mind, SCOUT Comics--a company I've expressed a fondness for a number of times--will be doing direct-to-retailer offerings of much of their upcoming wares. I imagine as Diamond picks things back up they'll be shipping via it too, but this is a smart way to get a product out quickly to stores that want it.

As SCOUT put it, " Starting tomorrow (May 1, 2020) we plan on offering our retail partners a chance to order new Scout Comic content.  These comics will be released twice a month starting in June from one of our print partners (Comic Impressions) who are only a few miles away from our headquarters here in Fort Myers Florida." It sounds like a cool plan and SCOUT's comics tend to be pretty awesome. I'm curious who else might try out similar methods depending on how smoothly Diamond resumes shipping in late-May.

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