Thursday, June 23, 2022

"Black Adam," #1 Kicks off the Limited Series With Immense Energy

The solicitations for this, "Black Adam," maxi-series gave away the reveal at the end of the first issue so--spoiler alert--I will as well. Basically, Black Adam is dying despite supposedly being immortal and someone related to him who was unaware of the link is going to be offered his power/legacy/etc. It sounds straightforward, but with the immensely talented Christopher Priest writing the story it absolutely crackles with the same kind of lightning Black Adam summons. Priest discussed he was apparently wary to take on the character, but this first issue makes me happy he did. With Rafa Sandoval providing some fantastic artwork, this is a stupendous first of twelve issues.

Priest quickly establishes how Blac Adam and the nation he rules--Kahndaq--are viewed with fear by other countries as he has powers that rival Superman and little interest in holding back his powers when feeling he or his land is threatened. Again, though, it seems Black Adam is dying and needs to potentially pass on his legacy. Priest and Sandoval work together spectacularly as political insights and jokes sync with fight scenes or imagery of Black Adam's skin suffering from some surreal necrosis all in a perfect synchronicity. It's a fantastic start, and I'd recommend checking out this debut!

5 out of 5 stars.

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