Monday, June 27, 2022

I Tried 7 Brew and Enjoyed Their Drinks!

On our way home from visiting family in Colorado (where I checked out a number of snazzy comic shops), we stopped in Topeka. While there we drove through a location called 7 Brew. Apparently, they originated in Arkansas but have expanded out of there to regions such as Kanas! They serve a variety of coffee, Italian sodas, smoothies, and so forth. As I love coffee I figured I would give the location in Topeka a try. I got a strawberry soda and some house blend coffee. 

When I pulled up the employees were very friendly and some were singing along to some music playing inside their big coffee stand (it is a strictly drive-through establishment, you don't stay there). I found my Italian soda to be very tasty and the coffee was delicious too. I purchased a sugar-free peach Italian soda for my wife, Samii, and she enjoyed it as well. If they were to open a 7 Brew in Saint Louis I'd probably eagerly frequent it. Should you ever be near one of their 20 or so locations I'd recommend checking them out!

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