Tuesday, May 25, 2021

"Space Jam," Meets, "Fright Night," in a New Comic Title, "Old Head," by Kyle Starks and That Sounds Awesome

Kyle Starks is a fantastic comic creator whether he's writing, drawing, or doing both. He has a new original graphic novel titled, "Old Head," coming in August (published by Image) that sounds like a real treat. The press release for it says, "Perhaps best described as Space Jam meets Fright Night, this hilarious new story follows a former basketball star when he returns home for his mother’s funeral. What he doesn’t expect is to learn of her mysterious past, his destiny, and to find himself embroiled in a decades-long blood feud with Dracula himself." 

Starks goes on to say within the release, "I'm really excited for folks to finally get to read, 'Old Head,' an examination of legacy and toxic masculinity viewed through the lens of a father and daughter fighting sex monsters." An exploration of toxic masculinity? Sex monsters? Yes, please! I'll be keeping an eye out for, "Old Head," and would encourage you to ask your favorite comic-book store/bookshop to get you a copy!

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