Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Elliot Page Has my Full Support

The actor formerly known as Ellen Page has announced he is transgender, goes by Elliot Page, and prefers he/him pronouns in addition to they/them pronouns. Page has always been a stellar actor, from when they were known by feminine pronouns to now when I imagine they will continue to make great flicks and shows. Page wrote in an open letter, “I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer. And the more I hold myself close and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I thrive. To all the trans people who deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse, and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you, and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better." 

As mentioned above, Page uses both he/him and they/them pronouns, and describes himself as transgender and non-binary, meaning that his gender identity is neither man nor woman. Page has my full support and I continue to love their work!

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  1. I too fully support Elliot. Mostly because it has nothing to do with my household, my life, or anything remotely close to my business.

    Anybody actively not supporting Elliot should ask themselves what, if anything, it has to do with their life, and what business of theirs it is. Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with anybody else, and it's none of their business.