Monday, December 28, 2020

The Least Productive Week of the Year? We're Living It!

The least productive day of the year is known as, "Blue Monday." It is the Monday after Christmas when most return to work depending on the day of the year Christmas falls on (sometimes we get a Blue Tuesday). It makes sense as the week after Christmas before the New Year is generally the least productive one you'll ever see in America at least, by most accounts. We're exhausted from the Christmas holiday, want to relax, are eager to party for New Year's eve, and many folks just take the week off if able or do the bare minimum. Kids on break from school, it is colder (in many regions North of the Equator, at least), we just feel lazy. 

Hell, I felt like I wanted to make a blog post today but didn't know what I felt motivated to write about. Therefore, I wrote about how unmotivated we all are. You know what, though? That's perfectly okay to want to rest and recharge your batteries. It has been an even harder year than usual for so many of us, why not take a break if you are able? Relax if you can, in other words. Try and take it easy as long as it is okay for you to do so.

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