Friday, December 18, 2020

Flashback Friday: "Diamonds Are Forever," is the Best, "James Bond," Theme Song

When it comes to the best, "James Bond," theme song the winner is unquestionably, "Diamonds Are Forever." This occurred to me while listening to a cassette tape collecting orchestral interpretations of various James Bond themes (at that time). I thought about past ones and current ones and how I've always loved any version of, "Diamonds Are Forever," from an orchestral take to Chaka Khan singing with her amazing voice. It is just a banger of a tune.

Now, it isn't the best, "James Bond," movie because that is a tie between, "Goldfinger," and the Daniel Craig version of "Casino Royale." "Diamonds Are Forever," is without a doubt the best theme song in a James Bond movie, however. "From Russia With Love," is close a second. Fight me, internet, I won't budge on this.

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