Thursday, December 10, 2020

Richard Corben Has Died. He was 80 and Will Be Remembered For His Amazing Work

In news that made me exclaim, "Aw, shit," when I saw it, Richard Corben has passed. His widow, Dona Corben, was assisted in making a Facebook post where this was said:

It is with great sorrow and loss that I must share the sad news that Richard Corben died Dec 2, 2020 following heart surgery. He will be missed tremendously by his family, his friends, and his fans.

Richard was very appreciative of the love for his art that was shown by you, his fans. Your support over the decades meant a great deal to him. He tried to repay your support by working diligently on each piece of art going out to you. Although Richard has left us, his work will live on and his memory will live always in our hearts.

I will continue to conduct sales of Richard's art through the Corben Studios website at

I will also be managing the ongoing process of publishing his work internationally. Please give me and my family a little time to collect ourselves and we'll get back with you in 2021.

Richard Corben was an amazing comic artist, whether he was doing more mainstream super-hero work, edgy underground creations, or just giving us incredibly horrific images. I was always a fan of Corben's work and am incredibly bummed he is no longer with us. He leaves behind an impressive legacy and many, many fans who will miss him.

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