Friday, December 18, 2020

The Comic-Book Industry Made the Best of a Bad Year

The piece has a great header image too.

This piece by David Harper at Polygon observes how comic-books faced the struggles of 2020 and actually made the best of a really bad year. Things looked bad when the comic industry as we know it shut down for about 2 months, with the then-sole distributor, Diamond, taking a break of sorts that upset a whole lot of people--especially DC who now has their own distributor they basically willed into existence (there were two, but that ended oddly). However, the comic industry was able to weather the storm and the industry seems to be doing pretty well in a tough year. The speculation-market has gone wild with optioned series selling for absurdly high prices that days before movie/television announcements were in dollar bins. Stores are reporting solid sales, and things are as stable as can be expected in these unprecedented times.

Things seem okay, even with there being ongoing questions of what the Hell is going on with DC after all their mass-firings. Yeah, DC being a stinker was kind of a theme this year. Oh, and with Free Comic Book Day being kinda-sorta cancelled this year for a Summer-long thing, it is nice to hear that the next one will be happening in 2021, just in August when things are hopefully more settled thanks to extensive vaccinations. A return to normalcy around the World will be welcome, but I'm proud of the comic-book industry for all it did to get through this mess.

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