Saturday, December 5, 2020

Please, PLEASE, Don't Buy a Fake Title as a Lord or Lady

So many scams...

If you're on Facebook like me you've probably seen ads about how you can buy a few feet of land in Scotland and then legally call yourself a Lord or Lady in the hopes it'll get you better services at restaurants or when booking a hotel. Yes, it sounds stupid, but perhaps it is legit and a fun little gimmick. Well, I'm sorry to tell you it is as much of a scam as owning a star named for you or buying a plot of land on Mars. Articles have been written about how this is all just flim-flam, many, many articles. In fact, there is a real Lord, Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford, who has a website dedicated to how these titles are all fake--with the exception of the few legit ones you can buy for a cool 100K.

I get it, you want a fun little gimmick gift to give to somebody or think that if you have a little sheet of paper that declares you a, "Lord/Lady," it might get you more respect at a restaurant where you don't have a reservation and the wait for a table is atrocious. You're just giving money to a scam, however. You can get the exact same result by printing out your own fake title at home, and it costs you nothing.


  1. Lord Reginald Composte-HeapeNovember 9, 2022 at 2:03 AM

    Why are you pricking so many fragile bubbles? I can take my framed certificate to any restaurant, club, pub or shaggy back alley shebeen and be treated like the Lord I am and be called a "Lord" by august company as I have never been called before. Why wouldn't I pay top dollar for finally getting the acknowledgement I deserve. Shame, Sir.. shame!!