Monday, December 21, 2020

There Are Two Movies I Look Forward To Streaming on Christmas Day

Usually, if a film comes out on Christmas day you'd have to go to the theaters to enjoy it. That isn't the case with many new releases this year, however, as two cool flicks will be available for streaming on Christmas day. They are, "Wonder Woman 1984," on HBO MAX and, "Soul," on Disney+. I think we will watch both!

HBO MAX is kicking off how 2021 will have all their WB flicks available for streaming with the new Wonder Woman because it was delayed so much they said, "Screw it," and figured it would help get subscriptions of the service. "Soul," is the newest Pixar film and Disney probably saw how badly things went charging extra for, "Mulan," in their service so it'll be, "Free," as a part of subscriptions. It features Jaime Foxx as the lead and I am a big fan of his, so that is one major reason I'm excited to watch it. 2020 has been awful, but I guess one minor positive of this year with its COVID-19 and countless other problems is more cool stuff going to streaming services so they're easy to watch at home (versus having to go out). Anyway, I plan to watch one or both of these flicks with my family on Christmas day for sure!

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