Friday, January 31, 2020

I Just Realized This Sunday is Groundhog Day AND The Super Bowl

Today it suddenly occurred to me while watching the news how this Sunday, February 2nd, will be both Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl. Both holidays are full of superstition and crazy rituals. One is silly and scientifically inaccurate but did inspire a great movie with Bill Murray, the other has lots of science about its dangers people ignore and ads that feature huge celebrities, and Bill Murray may weirdly enough appear. Both get people fired up and have huge political aspects people try to ignore (climate change being politicized and protests/kneeling during the National Anthem). There is a lot shared between these two events!

Seeing how much Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl seem to have in common, I propose we create a Groundhog Bowl for this Sunday where Groundhogs play football. It sounds dumb, but they can't play any worse than the NY Jets (I kid out of love for the Jets). We already have a Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, why not groundhogs? Make those fat little buck-toothed critters do something useful for once besides seeing their shadow (I don't like groundhogs, much you can maybe tell, I have personal reasons). We've only got two days to put this together, but it would be lit. Come on, everyone, let's mix
these two holidays like a mad scientist!

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