Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Song, "Restroom Occupied," Sounds Horribly Unhygienic and Not Sexy at All

For my first post of the year let's discuss a song about sex that sounds incredibly unhygienic and not especially sexy. "Restroom Occupied," by Yella Breezy and featuring Chris Brown describes an encounter between a man and woman where they engage in, "Making love in the restroom." Apparently, they met in a club the woman went to with her own boyfriend/husband but she wants to randomly cheat and does so in the loo. 

Despite it being a cramped stall the woman is, "Doing all kind of tricks, busting all kinds of splits," and it is, "Sloppy fucking," with it declared that no protection is used (even though they are total strangers) as she wants, "My baby, no test tube." It is hinted that Yella/Chris is only having sex with this woman to show-up the man who tested his, "Gangsta," attitude so Yella/Chris was pleased when she was eager to engage in, "Cheatin'," with him. Hence, now Yella/Chris is in a restroom stall, "Freaking, hunching, pussy popping." For a song about basically nothing but sex, the song is incredibly unsexy and frankly nasty--not in a good way.
Apparently, this is an arousing location?
This is a song about two people in a rancid restroom stall, having sex with each other out of spite, and it is almost tragic to think this is Yella Breezy and Chris Brown's idea of, "Making love." I would say the song describes general sex/fucking with lovemaking being when people have a deep personal connection and express these feelings physically. Making love is a deeply personal and caring thing....this song is just about banging in a dirty restroom. Plus, the language used isn't even sexy or arousing like some songs about sex are. It just sounds like two people awkwardly humping and doing weird positions so that they can avoid touching anything dirty in the stall. The mental image is not so much sexy as me worrying they are going to lose their footing and both fall to the floor of the stall, getting covered in dirt, hair, and urine. Again, not sexy.

Oh, and of course the song has zero focus on the woman's pleasure. There is no description of doing anything to make her feel good. It is all about Yella/Chris liking her doing wild maneuvers so that he can be sure, "I'm gonna finish," and there is not a care in the World about her having fun. Besides a somewhat catchy beat, this song is basically one big failure and should anyone ever try to put this on while you're at their house and they want to create a sexy mood you need to get out of there as fast as you can.

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