Thursday, January 30, 2020

Can We Be Unironically Excited for a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie? I Am!

There is going to be a, "Sonic the Hedgehog," movie that seems to be essentially be getting dumped on the public when it is Valentine's Day of this year. I guess nothing screams romance like a furry blue ball that moves at lightspeed. I didn't hate the first trailer where Sonic looked kind of...different, and have been interested in seeing this flick since I first heard about it as someone who has always had a deep love for Sega products and Sonic. Many other people seem to be excited too, but in a less earnest manner. There are people who think it will be a trainwreck, "So bad it's good," or things like that. I just want to be able to have excitement for this movie without anyone thinking I'm being ironic or snarky.

Seriously, Jim Carrey is a pretty talented actor when you give him the right role (comedic or serious). James Marsden is criminally underappreciated and his characters always seem to get the short-end of the metaphorical stick (just look at the 2nd season of, "Westworld," for example) and end-up dumped or dead. Seeing James Marsden get to just be happy and pal-around with a computer-generated hedgehog sounds fun. Jim Carrey playing a Sonic-obsessed Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman sounds fun too. The whole thing looks like a harmless good time and that's okay if it lacks any deep statement beyond some cute jokes and special effects. I want to see, "Sonic the Hedgehog," and I want it to be just a relaxed and chill flick I can smile at. You don't have to share in my sentiment, but makes me a bit sad when you're just sharpening your metaphorical knives ready to rip apart this movie. For all we know it might be legit good too! We shall see.

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