Saturday, February 1, 2020

Rejoice, Fellow Millennials, Thousands of Flash Games Will Be Saved

If you are in your late 20's or early 30's the odds are pretty good you played a lot of free internet games back in the day. Before iPhones and their fancy apps one of the best ways to pass time in the computer lab at school (or at home if you had a decent internet connection) was to play games that ran on the Flash format. The thing is that Adobe has been planing to basically kill Flash for quite some time and it'll be unsupported and a pain to do much with once they officially axe it during this year, 2020. This could result in so many games no longer be supported, but there is good news! A group/company called BlueMaxima has created an open-source program that can save Flash games and make them playable offline like a standard video-game.

BlueMaxima's program, Flashpoint supports 36,000 Flash titles and if anyone doesn't want a game on it for copyright reasons they'll gladly remove it, but otherwise you can pick-and-choose what you want to download or (should you have a ton of memory free) download all 290 gigabytes currently available. This is super cool and I feel like I want to try the program out some time to find those classic Flash games I would play at school back in the day--always after I finished my work, of course.

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