Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Comic Book Presser Did a Phenomenal Job Yet Again!

I have stated a number of times my praise for The Comic Book Presser AKA Chris before. Well, I have yet another example to share of his stellar work. I had a rather unique copy of, "Moon Knight," #12 in that it was a double cover misprint. A friend who knew my love of Moon Knight bought it for me some years ago and I thought as I had several regular versions I ought to get my double cover graded. It literally had two front covers, with one behind the other and CGC grades these with notes for both covers, giving the, "Main," grade to the interior cover. The comic was cool, but a little rough. I figured in the condition it was in the exterior cover was maybe a 4.5 or 5.0 and the interior cover was a 6.0 on a good day. Well, I sent it to Chris for him to work his magic before I shipped it to CGC and the results were amazing. Behold:
Here's that label close-up if you were curious too:
The exterior cover received a 6.0 and the interior was graded as a 7.5 to my immense joy. I don't plan to sell this comic ever, but if I wanted to then the grade bump definitely would be helpful--and the work done by Chris just makes everything look even more gorgeous in the CGC slab. I would 100% recommend The Comic Book Presser to anyone desiring their book be pressed, dry-cleaned, have spine roll corrected, and so forth. I am a happy customer and always am happy to purchase his (quite reasonably priced) services anytime I plan to get a book graded!

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