Monday, February 3, 2020

Considering Donating to the GoFundMe for Dexter Vines

Dexter Vines is a fantastic comic creator and he needs help. On January 27th he went to the doctor with lower back pain and was informed he actually had two fractured vertebrae due to Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that attacks the plasma of the blood. It thankfully has been found early enough to be treated and possibly even cured (although a total cure is rare). Vines has minimal insurance, but not nearly enough to cover how expensive treatment can be.

Funds are being raised to help cover the next 9-12 months he won't be able to work nearly as much and will be busy getting treatment. The goal has already been met but the campaign is going to run some extra days to ensure there is a cushion to help Vines during this trying time. Hopefully, he can achieve remission and continue to be a skilled comic-maker and awesome guy for many years to come. The fundraiser can be found here. Please consider donating, or if you are unable to donate it is also appreciated if the campaign is shared via social media and such. You are in all our thoughts, Dexter!

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