Monday, January 3, 2011

Newsflash: The Lanterns I am least interested in get their own monthly book.

The Red-Lanterns, everyone's favorite blood-vomiting corp, will apparently be getting their own ongoing comic, focusing on Atrocitus, with some mention of the cat Dexstar. Peter Milligan will be writing it so that's good, but it's about the Red Lanterns, so that's kinda bad. Thoughts on why after the cut.

You see, I find the lanterns that are powered by rage to be sort of the most dull. We all have anger, and rage, so when you're consumed by it like these guys...aren't you just a stereotypically angry super-hero? Why not the Blue lanterns who run on Hope, or the Indigo lanterns who's power of Empathy is starting to be revealed to be a bit less of a delightful power and possible something corrupting. Even something about lanterns who focus on Love would be better, although  I find that concept to be a bit trite too. Anyways, in the spirit of sarcastic celebration, I now present you with image of Red Lanterns doing what they are best known for, vomiting blood.
This is apparently what DC comics thinks people want more of. God help us all.

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