Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Comics News Round-Up and Blog Update.

First, a note on my blog: 
After saying how I was going to change the listing format for my posts to a version based on days, after viewing that, I found it makes more sense to stick to the format of posts. So now instead of setting it to display a certain number of days resulting in a ton of posts sometimes and barely any on days when I post one thing, we are now back to a "post" format, where 25 posts will be shown, regardless of the days they were posted.

Now for Some Comics News:
 The Black Panther cartoon movie has finally come out after being promoted and teased off and on for years by BET and Marvel. Apparently it isn't bad.

Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four is dead. Huh, I had my money on the Invisible Woman not lasting another issue. Also, isn't it a bit creepy how cavalier comics fans are about character deaths? Imagine if we were this way about real-life..."Oh, Grandma died? Don't worry, in two years we'll just do some convoluted resurrection."

Speaking of the Fantastic Four comic, Marvel pulled a sales-stunt telling retailers it was okay to sell it on Tuesday, making it quite soon that the whole "Tuesday shipping, Wednesday selling" format Diamond demanded is ignored. Of course, this ignores retailers who opted-out of getting comics a day early, and who now had to put up with fans yesterday coming in demanding the comic only to be told they have to wait till Wednesday when that store gets its comics. A bit unfair to those stores.

Apparently the people in charge of now sorta-dead-soon-to-be-online-only Wizard magazine are tremendous dicks, not even letting fired employees collect personal belongings, and using sleazy-sounding business methods to raise some stock money.

Vampires are playing an important role in the big Marvel "Fear Itself" event. Great, because if there is one thing our culture needs, it is more vampires. I honestly am trying to get excited for this event, but having the vampire element in the story with Dracula and whatnot has kind of made it even more difficult. I'll probably at least try and read the main series and the Frontline/Homefront accompanying series. Of course, by "read" I mean flip through at the comic shop and hastily decide if I want to buy it or will try and cram 22 pages of material into 2 minutes of skimming the book.

The Wonder Woman television series that looked like it was dead in the water has pulled a miraculous turnaround, being picked-up by NBC for at least a pilot. Plus, it seems McG might direct. I liked his work on Terminator: Salvation (and I seem to be the only person), so a Wonder Woman series by him might be pretty snazzy. I'd still rather have a Gotham Police Department show however, like the beloved comic.

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